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University of Oklahoma Outreach Tech Bootcamps

Launch Your Career in Tech with Our Immersive, Live Online Bootcamps

Choose from five specialized programs in Coding, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, DevOps, or Product Management—all developed and taught by industry experts, so you'll gain the skills and hands‑on experience you need to be job‑ready.

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Why Choose the University of Oklahoma and Fullstack Academy

The University of Oklahoma is a large public research institution in Norman with more than 170 academic programs. It has proven to be a place where students can get an exceptional education with a great return on investment.

OU has chosen Fullstack Academy to power its Outreach Tech Bootcamps. Fullstack Academy is one of the longest-running and most successful coding bootcamps in the nation. Its graduates are equipped to succeed in the professional world through Fullstack Academy’s foundational teaching method, which allows students to thrive in their first job and every job after. Bootcamp grads also gain the assistance of Fullstack Academy’s dedicated career services team and leave as members of the OU–Fullstack Academy community, a supportive alum network that can help open doors to future career opportunities.

Who Hires Our Grads?

*OU Outreach Tech Bootcamps are powered by Fullstack Academy and utilize the same award-winning curriculum.
The companies listed above have hired Fullstack Academy NYC graduates.


  • No, you do not need to be a current student or alumni in order to apply to the OU Outreach Tech Bootcamps.

  • If you’re interested in the University of Oklahoma Outreach Tech Bootcamps and not sure which program is right for you, we recommend reaching out to your Student Advisor and learning about the roles you’ll be prepared for in each curriculum like Junior Software Engineer (Coding), Cybersecurity Analyst (Cyber), Data Analyst (Data Analytics) and Product Manager (Product Management). Once you have a sense of what you want your future career to look like, identify if studying part-time or full-time is best for you. From there, apply to your program of choice (no prep required). Next, our Admissions team can help you advance in the process and even help you switch programs if you change your mind (e.g., Coding to Data Analytics).

  • All students must have their own laptop (or desktop for 100% online classes). We recommend having 16 GB RAM and ~50-100 GB storage. Netbooks, thin clients, and tablets are not permitted. Students can use Mac or Windows.

    Please note that the Apple M1 processor is supported for the Coding bootcamps only at this time.

  • We have a long-standing history of delivering high-quality tech education in a live online format. You'll learn in a fast-paced environment with hands-on 1:1 instruction, working closely with both your instructor and peers.

  • To be eligible for the program, you must be at least 18 years old and a high school grad/GED holder by the start date of your intended cohort.

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