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OU Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Rapidly Learn Cloud Computing Skills Online

Cloud computing professionals are in-demand! In 26 weeks, the online OU Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy can equip you with the cloud skills employers are seeking—no matter your starting skill level.

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What is Cloud Computing?

From artificial intelligence to web applications, cloud computing is the foundation of many emerging technologies. Instead of businesses relying on physical computing infrastructures, cloud computing delivers technology services and resources, such as storage, databases, and software, over the Internet on demand using remote servers. Cloud computing professionals, including cloud administrators, design, implement, and oversee the cloud infrastructure and services for a company.

Other cloud computing job duties include:

  • Managing cloud resources to ensure optimal performance, security, and cost efficiency
  • Providing technical support by troubleshooting and resolving issues related to cloud infrastructure and services
  • Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including developers, security experts, and operations teams

Cloud professionals must also stay up-to-date with emerging technologies to help companies remain competitive in the industry.

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Why Learn Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers an array of opportunities for individuals looking to start or advance a career in tech. Many jobs in cloud computing do not require any coding experience, making the field accessible to beginners and career changers. Cloud computing provides businesses with scalability, cost savings, and easy access to resources. As a result, cloud computing professionals are in high demand.

Cloud computing professionals can specialize in an area or take certifications to stay up-to-date, branch out in skills, and potentially earn more. Plus, learning multiple platforms, like AWS or Microsoft Azure, can give individuals a competitive edge in the job market. Train online in the University of Oklahoma Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp to learn the skills to qualify for cloud computing roles and prepare for industry certifications in just 26 weeks part-time.

Bootcamp Application and Start Dates

Upcoming Cohorts Placeholder CLO UNI 1

Fullstack Academy is a top-ranked immersive school for technology career training. Fullstack Academy offers comprehensive remote training opportunities across the U.S. and prepares students with the in-demand skills they need to launch fulfilling tech careers.

Fullstack Academy brings its learning method, reputation, and community in facilitating the OU Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp to make tech career training more accessible to individuals outside of traditional tech hubs.

How the University of Oklahoma Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp Works

Our cloud computing program is designed for students to pursue high-quality tech education while continuing to balance work or other commitments. Our program provides you with the flexibility to fit career development into your life.

  • Bootcamp classes combine live online instruction taught by industry-experienced professionals with independent learning assignments.

  • All classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with an (optional) lab on Wednesdays each week to provide students with additional learning and peer support.

    • 6:30pm-9:30pm CT

    The Wednesday lab corresponds with the start time of your regular classes. Participation in the weekly lab is optional, but strongly encouraged.

In addition to classroom lessons, part-time students can anticipate spending 10-15 hours studying and working on outside assignments each week.

Class time options vary by month and are subject to change. To see available class times for your cohort of choice, complete your application or schedule a call with a student advisor.


There are many ways to pay for your bootcamp experience, including self-pay, employer-pay, local/state government assistance, scholarships, and personal loans. Learn more about payment options.

  • OU Outreach Tech Bootcamps is committed to making tech education more accessible, so we’re reducing the enrollment deposit to $99* (normally $1,000) for a limited time. Get started on your journey before the deposit increases!

    Enrollment Deposit - $1,000 $99*
    Tuition During Program - $14,396
    Total Tuition - $14,495

    *Offer eligibility: Upon admittance into the program, pay the $99 refundable deposit in full prior to the enrollment date.

  • $500 Community Scholarship

    For University of Oklahoma alumni, current students, and employees.

    $1,000 Military Scholarship**

    For active-duty service members and military veterans.

    **Valid ID required.

Cloud Computing Roles and Salaries

In the field of cloud computing, there are many career paths to follow based on your skills and experience. Some available jobs include Systems Administrator, Cloud Administrator, Solutions Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and Cloud Architect. When you opt into comprehensive career coaching, you’ll receive the guidance you need to navigate the industry as you search for cloud computing roles. Entry-level Cloud Architects in Oklahoma earn an average yearly salary of $100,051 (Glassdoor, May 2023), offering a potentially large return on investment for anyone pursuing a cloud computing education.

Big Return on Your Investment

The Demand for Cloud Computing Professionals

Now is a great time to start or upskill a career in cloud computing. Despite industry growth, there is a shortage of cloud computing professionals in the US, providing many opportunities for individuals with the skills employers are seeking. Grand View Research reports the global cloud computing market size is expected to reach $1.25 trillion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 14.1% from 2021 to 2028. According to Lightcast™, job postings for cloud computing roles have increased by 25% annually over the past five years.

In Oklahoma alone, companies are hiring cloud administrators at all levels of experience—for both local and remote jobs. There are currently over 1,100 open Cloud Administrator roles in Oklahoma (ZipRecruiter, March 2023). Businesses of all industries are actively seeking cloud computing professionals, including local employers like Peraton, SAIC, and Varsity Tutors.

These companies are hiring for roles like Cloud Administrator, Solutions Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and Cloud Architect. With an inclusive, rigorous active learning curriculum and professional career coaching services, University of Oklahoma Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp students are equipped with the skills they need to achieve fulfilling careers in these types of roles.

What You Will Learn

As part of the curriculum, students acquire the skills and knowledge to navigate cloud computing complexities, including learning about fundamental concepts and gaining experience with popular platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Students will also:

  • Analyze different types of Azure and AWS services and features

  • Explore security and compliance measures

  • Learn how to make infrastructures scalable, reliable, and highly available

  • Discover networking and content delivery methods

  • Develop solutions for authentication, authorization, logging, monitoring, migrations, back-ups, and recovery

  • And much, much more!

Each cloud computing course is facilitated by an instructor in a live online format. The curriculum teaches practical and technical skills using real-world scenarios, the latest technology, and hands-on projects.

Experience using multiple cloud computing platforms will help students stand out in the job market. Students can choose to opt into additional coaching support and receive guidance in resume and LinkedIn optimization, interview preparation techniques, networking guidance, and much more for up to a year following graduation.

    • Orientation

    • AWS course introduction

    • Cloud concepts overview

    • Cloud economics and billing

    • AWS global infrastructure overview

    • Cloud security

    • Networking and content delivery

    • Compute, storage, and databases

    • Cloud architecture

    • Automatic scaling and monitoring

    • AWS Academy Cloud architecting introduction

    • Adding storage, computing, and database layers

    • Creating a networking environment

    • Connecting networks

    • Securing user and application access

    • Implementing elasticity, high availability, and monitoring

    • Automating architecture

    • Caching content

    • Building decoupled architectures

    • Constructing microservices and serverless architectures

    • Planning for disaster

    • Bridging to certification

    • Introduction to Azure fundamentals, core services, and resources

    • Azure storage services

    • Core solutions and management tools on Azure

    • Azure networking services

    • General security and network security features

    • Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features

    • Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements

    • Manage Azure identities and governance

    • Implement and manage storage

    • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

    • Configure and manage virtual networking

    • Monitor and backup Azure resources

    • Design a governance solution

    • Create authentication solutions

    • Build authorizations

    • Develop a solution for logging and monitoring

    • Design for high availability

    • Construct a solution for backup and recovery

    • Build a solution for relational and non-relational data

    • Design data integration

    • Create a compute solution

    • Implement an application architecture

    • Craft a network solution

    • Design migrations

    • Cost optimization design

    • Capstone

Along with the classroom sessions, students can attend a weekly lab where they can review key concepts, catch up on homework, and work alongside peers.


The OU Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp can also help you prepare for industry-recognized certifications. With bootcamp preparation and additional studying, you’ll be equipped to take the exam for the:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification: This certification helps organizations identify talent with critical knowledge related to implementing cloud initiatives and validates cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate badge

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification: With this certification, you demonstrate your understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, as well as cost and performance optimizations.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification: This certification verifies that you have a basic understanding of cloud computing and how Azure provides those services.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification: This certification exam will evaluate your Azure technical skills. This includes your ability to manage identities and governance, implement and oversee storage, and deploy and direct compute resources.

Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions: This certification exam assesses your ability to design identity, governance, monitoring, data storage, business continuity, and infrastructure solutions.

Exam costs for the AWS or Microsoft Azure certification examinations are not included in the program tuition.

Train with the OU Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp, then earn these cloud computing certifications.

Landing a Cloud Computing Job in Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Outreach students will gain valuable insight into how to build a successful career in cloud computing from day one of the course. Throughout the bootcamp experience, students may access live workshops, office hours, and on-demand content to help build a job search toolkit—which includes an optimized resume and LinkedIn profile.

Following successful completion of the Career Success Program, students can choose to opt into additional coaching support and receive guidance for up to a year following graduation in:

  • Growing your professional network

  • Resume and LinkedIn profile optimization

  • Interview and assessment prep

  • Salary negotiation workshops

  • And much more!

You’ll also graduate from the program with a portfolio of work that demonstrates your ability to solve real business problems for real companies.

Fullstack Academy grads have landed jobs with some of the world's leading companies.

OU Outreach Tech Bootcamps are powered by Fullstack Academy. The companies listed above have hired Fullstack Academy graduates.

Who Should Attend

The University of Oklahoma Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp is specifically designed for beginners. There’s no experience required to apply, be accepted, or succeed.

Successful bootcamp students have backgrounds in:


Computer Science


Information Technology

Software Engineering

Customer service


And more...


  • The University of Oklahoma Outreach bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive online cloud computing training programs in the U.S. The immersive curriculum provides:

    • Hands-on learning

    • Over 40 interactive labs and activities

    • Industry-experienced instructors

    • Career coaching

    • Certification preparation

    • And more!

    Plus, the bootcamp is powered by Fullstack Academy, one of the longest-running and most reputable bootcamp providers in the nation.

  • The cloud computing curriculum is broken up into five units and guides you all the way from foundational concepts to advanced skills. The units are:

    • AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

    • AWS Academy Cloud Architecting

    • Azure Cloud Fundamentals

    • Implement, Manage, and Monitor on Azure Environment

    • Designing Infrastructure Solutions on Azure

    Plus, you’ll build and expand your professional portfolio. With additional study, you’ll also be able to prepare for industry certifications from AWS and Microsoft Azure. The costs of the exams are not included in our program tuition price.

    For the Cloud Computing Bootcamp syllabus, click here and fill out the form.

  • Students enrolled in our cloud computing program will use popular platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure and learn about:

    • Non-coding roles

    • System management

    • Virtualization

    • Troubleshooting

    • Cloud provider selection

    • Application migration

    • Performance testing

    • Cloud workloads

    • Identity access management

    • Autoscaling

    • Disaster recovery

    • Web services and API

    • Cloud migration and deployment

    • Database management

    • Multi-cloud deployment

    • Storage services

    See full curriculum details on our program page.

  • Yes, the University of Oklahoma Outreach Cloud Computing Bootcamp is beginner-friendly. It’s specifically designed for professionals without previous experience in cloud computing. While some background knowledge is helpful, the only expectation is that students have general computer literacy skills in basics like efficiently using the Internet/cloud and Windows.

  • With the cloud computing program and additional studying, students can prepare to take the following industry-recognized certification exams:

    • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification

    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

    • Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

    • Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

    Certification is not required to graduate, and exam vouchers are not included in bootcamp tuition.

  • Your time with our career success team will include everything from workshops to one-on-one office hours to phone chats before big interviews. Alumni will also have access to a job board and have the opportunity to be connected with companies and organizations in our Employer Partner Network that are actively hiring.

  • You do need to provide your own computer for the bootcamp. It can be a laptop or desktop as long as it meets the minimum machine specifications of your chosen program. Because the bootcamp is live online, you are required to have a webcam and microphone to participate in class.

    Ensuring you have a computer that meets the requirements for your course is an essential part of setting yourself up for success in our bootcamps.

    For full computer requirements for each of our program offerings, visit our Online Learning page.

  • Many of our part-time students continue working full-time while completing their bootcamp. Each week, students can expect to spend 6 hours in class and another 10-15 hours studying and completing assignments outside of class.

Ready to Start Learning?

Once you’re ready to start your cloud computing journey, here are the steps you can expect in the admissions process.

  1. Fill out our online application form

  2. Take our nontechnical assessment
    1. No cloud computing experience required

    2. Covers logical reasoning

    3. Sent to you immediately upon submission of application

  3. Receive an entrance decision

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