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Job & Career Advice

Why Now Is a Great Time for a Career Change–And How to Make It Happen This Holiday Season

With all the gift giving, matzo ball making, and festive celebrating we do during the twilight of the year, career development often goes overlooked. But the winter holidays are an ideal time to start or advance a career change–for nearly every type of role in tech!
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Mission Driven

Indigenous American Innovators Who Broke Down Barriers in Tech

Indigenous Americans are historically underrepresented in the tech workforce. Here are four Indigenous Americans who broke down barriers in tech and made major contributions to the tech industry.
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Javascript coding project with woman looking
Learn to Code

8 Best Ways to Learn JavaScript in 2024 - For Beginners

In the rapidly advancing landscape of web development, mastering JavaScript has never been more vital than in 2024. As the digital world evolves, Javascript continues to stand as the backbone of web development.
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American soldier sitting at desk with computer
Student Stories

Why Veterans Make Great Tech Employees

Members of the military face unique situations and challenges that cannot be replicated in other professions. This makes it difficult for the roughly 200,000 service members who leave the military each year to adjust to civilian life and adapt to a new pace of work.
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Cybersecurity Horror Stories to Tell In the Dark

In this spirit of Halloween, we’ve created 5 hypothetical horror stories to help inform, entertain, and inspire you to secure your data this season and beyond. Read on to learn how cybersecurity best practices can help you prevent a harrowing tale of your own this Halloween.
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Cybersecurity analyst pointing at computer monitor and discussing computer program with his colleague

10 Common Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

As instances of cyber attacks grow and evolve it’s difficult to know which data is at risk. This uncertainty stems from a lack of context, which can be remedied through a basic understanding of proven cybersecurity protective measures.
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How to Turn Soft Skills Into a Cybersecurity Job

Soft skills are becoming increasingly valuable in cybersecurity jobs, along with education from skills-based tech bootcamps and industry certifications. Learn how to leverage transferable and soft skills into cybersecurity roles.
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Two AI and machine learning professionals look at a computer screen.
AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning vs. AI: Similarities and Differences

Machine learning vs. AI: How are they different? What are their similarities? Learn about these technologies and what they can mean for an individual’s career.
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How Fullstack Works

6 Tips for Balancing Tech Bootcamp While Working Full-Time

Compared to traditional degree programs, tech bootcamps offer lower tuition, shorter completion times, and various support services, making them an attractive option for full-time workers. Here are six tips to help you balance your full-time job while attending a tech bootcamp.
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How Fullstack Works

Time Management Tips for Tech Bootcamp Students

Online tech bootcamps are rigorous, accelerated career training programs designed to provide you with an immersive deep dive into highly technical fields. Due to the fast-paced nature of these programs, managing your time effectively during a bootcamp plays a key role in your success.
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Bright study space with plants

6 Tips for Creating an Effective Study Space

As educators, we know there are many factors that contribute to academic performance, like teaching style, class size, and managing other obligations. While all of these things undoubtedly play an essential role in academic success, one factor students often overlook is their study environment.
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How Fullstack Works

A Guide to Test-Driven Development

While many organizations have struggled to find the right balance between quality and speed, test-driven development (TDD) has emerged as a methodology that may be able to accomplish both. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of TDD and how it benefits software development.
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